African Athletes Left Stranded at Lagos Airport.

It’s no news that Asaba will be the host of the 21st African Athletes Championship. But the news from Lagos has been embarrassing and shameful as international athletes have been left stranded at the airport days before the start of the competition.

Some of athletes had to spend the night on the floors of the Airport.

📷 Credit: Twitter

Which Way Nigeria.we’ve done our possible best once again to dry our dirty linen in public for the world to see.

What could be the possible excuse for this Logistics!?!

Some also had issues of accommodation on arrival to Asaba as they were told there was no room booked for the athletes.

Days of training gone for athletes who were yet to complete their training schedule while others were fatigued and hungry waiting at the airport.

With the competition starting in a few days what will be the condition of the athletes who are yet to settle and train for the event.

Which Way Naija..Which Way!!.

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