Davido Reveals The Country He Loves Performing In The Most, The Song That Touches Him Most And More on Pause UK  Magazine

Davido is cover star for Pause UK Magazine, he discusses his upcoming show in London as well as his career, his parents and the song that touches him the most.

See excerpts from the interview:

When’s your O2 show?

January 22nd, 2019.

Which countries do you enjoy performing at the most?

I like Africa, anywhere in Africa, African countries.

What did your parents want you to do?

Just work for my dad, but then I started getting bigger and bigger and then I just had to leave school.

Just go your own route. What do your parents think about it now then?

Number one fans.

How does one break into the mainstream market like yourself, your music is streaming worldwide, so how does someone from Nigeria do that?

Lucky for me I started when I was like 16, I’m 25 now so it’s been a while but now it’s like, everybody’s looking at Africa, everybody’s interested in whatever Africa’s doing, so it’s better now for us and easier for us to get stuff out there, they love the music too, it’s good music.

Do you feel like it’s only now everybody’s looking at Africa?

I feel like everybody’s always been looking but now it’s like televised. They’ve always liked it.

Is there one country that every time you go to, you’re like ‘wow!’?

To be honest everywhere is just crazy to me.

Every where’s just the same kind of vibe?

It just depends.

But you’ll say it’s different compared to the African and European market right?

It depends, Africa and stuff can do 18,000 people, it’s crazy, but here it’s like 8K, 10K.

How was your performance at Wireless?

Great, they tried to cut me off and sht but the crowd was like fck that.

Is there one that touches you the most?

There’s one that I wrote, about 2 of my friends who died, that was ‘FIA.’





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