“We’ve lost a daring and fearless attacker in Victor Moses”-China Acheru

It’s no News that the Chelsea player took to social media to announce his retirement from the National Team.

After So much reactions from angry fans who feel he had no reason hanging his Super Eagles Jersey and boots.

He made 37 Caps,Scoring 12 goals and a Nations Cup Trophy through out his National Team career.

After an exclusive interview with Nigerian football Blogger and Port Harcourt based Journalist China Acheru,he expressed why he thinks Victor Moses retired early and how much of a loss it is to the Super Eagles

“Moses gave the Nigerian National team six years, a period he won the Africa Cup of Nations and played in two World Cups so obviously he will be missed by Nigeria and Nigerians, but why did he quit?

Moses acknowledged that he has enjoyed the best footballing moments of his life playing for Nigeria and this is as close to the truth as it can get.

Had he played for England, he would have been without silverware at international level, though a more organized environment.

At Nigeria, he at least won the AFCON, which is equivalent to the European Cup of Nations.

But he wants to step away to focus on his club career and young family.

This is where it gets a bit difficult to understand.

What do players mean by focusing on club and family?

When a player is getting old, his body can no longer handle the rigours of playing for a big club (like Chelsea in the League, FA Cup, Europe) and then still travel long hours to play for your country so they want to call time on international football.

It is a bit confusing here because Moses is just 27 so does not actually into the category of old player.

However, another reason why players decide to pick club over country is when they have or feel they have fallen out of favour with the manager of their club or do not see themselves as secure any more, especially with the arrival of a new manager.

So just maybe, Victor Moses is in that position right now.

He had been traded all over England in the last few years and hardly ever cut it as an attacker until Antonio Conte went the Roberto Martinez way, playing him as Wingback in a 3-4-3 formation.

But with current Chelsea Manager, Maurizio Sarri going the good old 4-3-3 Moses probably sees his chances as limited in the team.

But how would playing for Nigeria affect his chances at Chelsea?


This question is best answered by wives and girl-friends of footballers, but it is funny that this can be the case currently.

Victor Moses certainly has his reasons for quitting the national team but would need to convince the difficult Nigerian audience on this issue of family and club commitments.

A school of thought suggests it has to do with unhappiness at the World Cup, especially when he was moved to play in Wing Back, some have sighted other unprintable things.

Bottom line, the Super Eagles have lost a daring and fearless attacking player.

The Eagles will adjust as national teams always do in situations like these but Moses will be missed at the AFCON next year… if Nigeria qualifies”.

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