Is Kogi United Above the Law!

It’s not news that a Nigerian football club that was banned from a competition organised by the Nigerian Football federation (NFF) popular known as the AITEO CUP.

It was observed that the same team is gradually progressing through the knostaes of the competition after knocking out Delta Stars and Niger Tornadoes.

The Nigeria Football Federation banned Kogi United and Zamfara United from the Aiteo Cup for disrupting their matches in the competition.

In the decision of the Aiteo Cup Committee made available to the media, both clubs were banned from participating in the next two editions of the tournament.

The statement read: “For abandoning the match against Rangers International Football Club at the Confluence Stadium, Lokoja, the Committee ruled that Kogi United shall forfeit the match and is consequently eliminated from the Competition;
“Furthermore, Kogi United is banned from the next two (2018 and 2019) editions of the Competition;
“The club shall pay a fine of One Million Naira only (N1,000,000.00);
“In addition, Kogi United shall pay the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Naira only (N250,000.00) as compensation to the Referee for assault; as well as the costs of any certified medical bills.

“For inciting supporters of the club to commit acts of violence and or breach of the Rules of the Competition, pursuant to Rule 6.2.1, the Chairman of Kogi United, Abdul Sule, is banned from all match venues and all activities of the Competition for the remainder of the current edition of the Competition”.

what exactly is going wrong!!

Is Kogi United Above the Law?

According to the chairman of the organising committee who admitted that the club had paid the fine and the ban was uplifted.

The big question now is, The punishment was a ban and a fine not or,so why are they participating in the competition?

And is the chairman in the right position to uplift the ban if so why was a statement not released to the general public on the latest development.

Hopefully this questions are answered,when they are,be sure to get answers on @eventkettle .

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